My last weekend

My weekly newsletters are usually about tips, secrets, and recommendations to improve your health and turn back the clock. But this week I thought it’d be nice to take a little break and talk about everyone’s OTHER favorite topic: celebrities!

Last weekend my wife Amy and I were fortunate enough to attend the Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles. It was our first time to a Hollywood awards show since 2004, when we were seat fillers for the People’s Choice Awards. This time, instead of filling seats we were actual attendees.

The show was a lot of fun, with food, large bottles of champagne on the tables, and open bar. After the show we were invited to the People Magazine / Loreal-sponsored afterparty. It was surreal being at a party surrounded by such celebs as Mike Myers, Emily Blunt, Bob Odenkirk, and the casts of This Is Us, Black Panther, Crazy Rich Asians, GLOW, and others.

Afterwards we were given SWAG bags filled with hundreds of dollars of gifts, like an umbrella, electric nose hair trimmer (do I need that?), shampoo, body butter, snacks, magazines, and more.

The best part of the night? Everyone assumed I was from Crazy Rich Asians. I had celebs and actors all night congratulating me, telling me they loved my movie, and asking to take pictures with me. Yes, seriously.

Although one woman, to my surprise, came up to me and said, “I love your PBS show…Dr. Youn.” She made my night.

Here are a couple photos off the experience. What a blast!









Back to more tips, news, and recommendations next week!

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Episode #123 How to Reset Your Metabolism to Lose Weight and Feel Great with Dr. Alan Christianson – We’ve been taught that we have little control over our metabolism. There are those lucky ones of us who have a fast metabolism and appear to be able to eat almost anything and never gain weight. And there are the rest of us with slower metabolisms who seem to gain pounds from just looking at food.

So what can you do to change your metabolism? Is your metabolism and the speed at which you burn fuel and lose pounds determined by your genetics?

My guest this week is one of the country’s leading naturopathic endocrinologists. He believes that you CAN control your metabolism, and he has created a four week Metabolism Reset Diet that can take off the pounds and give you control over your weight and health.

To learn more, listen HERE with Apple devices or HERE with Android phones.

Episode #122 – Holistic Plastic Surgery: What to Eat, Apply, and Do to Look Younger with Dr. Alexes Hazen – Not every plastic surgeon practices holistic plastic surgery. But my guest this week does.

Dr. Hazen is a plastic surgeon who encourages her patients to take a more holistic viewpoint in how they take care of themselves.

On this episode, we’ll discuss exactly what holistic plastic surgery means to Dr. Hazen. We’ll reveal what she recommends for eating (such as decreasing gluten!), putting on the skin, advice for getting better sleep, and treatments to turn back the clock. She’ll also tell us why she hasn’t jumped on every holistic health bandwagon, and what criteria she uses to determine what’s good for her and her patients.

Listen HERE on Apple devices or HERE on Android.

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My last weekend
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