Least Successful TV Shows Based On Movies

We all love movies and television shows, and sometimes it’s great when shows are spun-off of our favorite movies. Some of those shows are even critically acclaimed and really well-received, like “Fargo” and “Friday Night Lights.” And then… there’s the others. Here’s a list of those, the television shows based on movies that didn’t catch their intended audience’s attention.

‘Napoleon Dynamite’

20th Television

Back in 2004 everyone had a Napoleon Dynamite impression or quote that they would annoyingly say – kind of like the Borat of that year. The indie comedy was a huge hit so they decided to create an animated series— twelve years after releasing the movie. It did star the original cast which is very rare for an animated spinoff but that didn’t help the show. Maybe because it was such a huge span of time since the original or maybe because the show just wasn’t as good, it didn’t last, and was quickly cancelled after one season.

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Least Successful TV Shows Based On Movies
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