Are Your Hands As Bad As Mine?

It’s been freezing cold in Michigan! Is it as cold where you are?

If you’re like me, with everyone sneezing and coughing, I’ve been washing my hands constantly. This, combined with the cold and low humidity, has left my hands dry and even cracked at times. So here are some tips to survive the cold winter with more comfortable skin.

1. Moisturize within 3 minutes of getting out of the shower. Although lukewarm water won’t dry your skin out as much as hot water, with the temps a lot of us are exposed to, I can’t ask you to forego a hot shower. Instead, make sure to apply your moisturizer within a couple minutes of exiting the shower to lock in the moisture. I recently discovered this awesome body moisturizer as a gift inside my SAG Awards swag bag: Epicuren Kukui Coconut After Bath Body Moisturizer. My wife and I love how it smells and feels on our skin. Check it out on HERE.

2. Use an all-natural hand cream, not one made for the body. Body moisturizers aren’t meant to last multiple washings like hand moisturizers. Stick with hand creams for the hands, body creams for the body.

3. If your hands or feet are really dry, moisturize, then cover with gloves or socks overnight.My favorite for overnight use is Waxalene, an organic petroleum jelly alternative based on bees wax. It’s a bit pricey, but worth it for a natural and organic product. Check it out on HERE.

4. Use hand sanitizer instead of washing. Although hand sanitizer often contains alcohol, there are many that are based on organic essential oils, such as this inexpensive one on HERE.

5. Finally, make sure to use a humidifier at home. If you have one attached to your furnace, check that it is turned to “winter” mode so you know it’s working!

Here’s to soft, moisturized hands, feet, and legs!

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So what can you do to change your metabolism? Is your metabolism and the speed at which you burn fuel and lose pounds determined by your genetics?

My guest this week is one of the country’s leading naturopathic endocrinologists. He believes that you CAN control your metabolism, and he has created a four week Metabolism Reset Diet that can take off the pounds and give you control over your weight and health.

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Are Your Hands As Bad As Mine?
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